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Freelance writer/editor/coach, part-time accounting assistant, part-time homemaker. I started writing to write a novel. I continue writing because I love this job. I’ve written for many local and national periodicals, have edited 200-word press releases and 65,000-word novels. Whether I’m writing my own stories or helping others develop theirs, I put all of my talent and passion into each job.


Interviews, feature stories, informational articles, press releases, and more. My passion is fiction, though I’ve had over one hundred articles published in local and national periodicals. I am currently working on my third novel (still unpublished)... [Read More]
Improving a manuscript by identifying and solving problems of overall clarity or accuracy, writing or rewriting segments to improve readability, and revising as needed to improve the overall presentation... [Read More]
More than simply editing — whether you have an idea that needs development or skills that need honing, as your coach I will work with you to strengthen your writing and help prepare it for publication.[Read More]
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A Celebratory Month

There was some confusion over who was posting when on my blog, so I ended up with a free day. Instead of trying to whip together an education, inspirational piece, I thought I’d stick with the season and share some links from my other blogs: You can read all about my trip to Disneyland at […]

This History of Figgy By Karen Robbins (re-post)

Many of our Christmas traditions stem from early British customs. They have evolved and been Americanized through the mix of cultures we have in the United States. Looking back on some of those British customs, it seems a good thing. For instance in the Middle Ages, they often used swans and peacocks as their main […]

Book Review: Playing Saint by Zachary Bartels

Yesterday, Parker Saint’s only concern was his swiftly rising star power. Today, he’s just trying to stay alive. Parker Saint is living the dream. A cushy job at a thriving megachurch has him on the verge of becoming a bestselling author and broadcast celebrity—until life takes an abrupt turn that lands him on the wrong […]