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Freelance writer/editor/coach, part-time accounting assistant, part-time homemaker. I started writing to write a novel. I continue writing because I love this job. I’ve written for many local and national periodicals, have edited 200-word press releases and 65,000-word novels. Whether I’m writing my own stories or helping others develop theirs, I put all of my talent and passion into each job.


Interviews, feature stories, informational articles, press releases, and more. My passion is fiction, though I’ve had over one hundred articles published in local and national periodicals. I am currently working on my third novel (still unpublished)... [Read More]
Improving a manuscript by identifying and solving problems of overall clarity or accuracy, writing or rewriting segments to improve readability, and revising as needed to improve the overall presentation... [Read More]
More than simply editing — whether you have an idea that needs development or skills that need honing, as your coach I will work with you to strengthen your writing and help prepare it for publication.[Read More]
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Creating an Exciting Story: Blow Something Up! by Tamera Lynn Kraft

Many writers are too nice to their characters. Their characters have goals they want to reach, and after a few obstacles, they will let their characters have what they want. This creates a boring story. To ratchet up the excitement, a writer needs to blow up the character’s world. Don’t let the character have what [...]

Personality: Get it Right

“I’m a shy extrovert who married an outgoing introvert.” That statement gets me funny looks. Why? Because most people assume that outgoing, talkative people are extroverts. Not true. Being an introvert or extrovert has nothing to do with how chatty you are – it’s a reflection of whether you get energized from the inner world [...]

Author Interview: Ginny Hamlin

Tell us a little about yourself: I started making up stories for my children back in the late 70s. I’d encourage them to pick a few characters, which included playmates, animals, and (often) inanimate objects. Once the cast of characters was set, I’d have them pick a setting and tell me what they wanted the [...]