The second of three daughters, Karin grew up along the Lake Michigan shoreline, a product of a small farming community. An athlete, musician, thespian, and Tetris master, she graduated Valedictorian of her high school class before earning a Bachelor of Arts degree in English from Hillsdale College.


Throughout her college years, Karin worked for the Lake Michigan Carferry Service aboard the S.S. Badger. Though she studied Victorian and early American literature at school, she loved her customer service/tourism roots and decided to continue work in the service industry. For her first “real” job she worked as an event planner at Shanty Creek Resort and Club in northern Michigan.


One serendipitous March 15, Karin stopped at a coffee shop to visit a friend. While there, she met Matt – a tall, hairy man in work boots. Eight months later they married in the midst of a fantastic blizzard.


Throughout all of this Karin read and wrote, composing short poems and stories, as well as journaling. A child of the the Pre-Facebook technological era, she started blogging as a way to stay in touch with her long-distance family. It wasn’t until 2006, after her husband’s cancer diagnosis, that she considered writing as more than just a hobby.


Novels had comforted her during surgeries and chemotherapy, but it didn’t take long to read through all of her favorite authors’ books. She experimented with a new few novelists, but couldn’t find anything that excited her. Not satisfied with giving up fiction, she wrote her own novel. With a completed manuscript in hand, she pursued publication. That’s when Karin realized the truth – she knew nothing about the publishing industry.


In order to gain experience (and by-lines), Karin started writing for a local, weekly newspaper. She joined writers’ and editors’ groups, attended conferences, and studied her craft. Today she is a freelance writer, editor, and writing coach with over 300 articles published and five completed novel manuscripts. Whether writing her own pieces or helping others perfect theirs, Karin has found her passion in the written word.